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Welcome to Fort Pierce Stucco

Premium Stucco Applications in Fort Pierce, FL

Welcome to Fort Pierce Stucco! We are a proud local company serving Fort Pierce and the surrounding areas of St Lucie County, including White City, Indian River Estates, Port St Lucie and beyond. We bring decades of experience, high-end techniques and an unfaltering commitment to quality into every project.

Your Affordable Stucco Contractor

For centuries, stucco has proven to be one of the most enduring, versatile and weather-resistant exterior wall finishes available, and with its variety of colors and textures, stucco continues to be one of the most popular wall systems.

In the harsh South Florida climate, homes today have to withstand significant impacts from the elements that can cause significant damage not just aesthetically, but to the structural integrity of a building. For that reason, a high-quality stucco installation that adheres to local codes is essential and helps each property maintain a strong long-term value.

Whether you are looking to repair an existing structure or for a new stucco installation, contact us for a free estimate and we will ensure your needs are met!

Our Services

Click on one of our services below to learn more, or see our Services for more details on how we can help make your project a reality. To discuss your project with one of our specialists, give Plant City Stucco a call today at (813) 590-7201 and we will be happy to help, and can schedule a FREE on-site quote at a time that suits you.

House with brown stucco


Our premium stucco applications
offer a quality siding solution that is highly compatible with the Florida climate and looks fantastic.

Commercial building with EIFS


For greater insulating properties, our EIFS installation provides an excellent barrier outstanding the elements, highly popular in commercial applications.

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Specialty Applications

From decorative brick to adobe, our skilled craftsmen will bring out the unique personality of your home with beautiful custom finishes.

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What Our Customers Are Saying


Fort Pierce Stucco did an amazing good job on our exterior. We had signs of water damage and they gave us with a very reasonable estimate to repair it which we accepted and they had it done within a week.

James D.



Very impressed with Fort Pierce Stucco. We've used them for a few of our commercial projects and they have exceeded our expectations each time. Strong ownership, great communication.

Jim P.



Fort Pierce Stucco are incredible! We called them out for a free estimate to re-do the exterior of our house and within 5 days they were on-site getting down to business! We're thrilled with the result. Our house looks fresh, clean, and we know it's protected.

Emma F.


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A breakdown and brief history of stucco

Stucco application is the process of applying stucco, a man-made material composed of Portland cement, sand, lime and water. Stucco offers excellent sturdiness and is also beautiful in appearance. Stucco is also rich in history, and while its application has evolved over the years, stucco installation techniques are still somewhat consistent with applications of the past.

Stucco was first used by ancient Egyptians on their pyramids to coat exterior surfaces that were rough or uneven. This same stucco also coated smooth surfaces and served as an adhesive for stones and rocks in order to hold them together. Today stucco serves a similar purpose, however it is much easier to apply and more flexible than its predecessors: sand and lime stuccos.

High-quality stucco applications

During stucco installation, netting (wire mesh) is embedded into the plaster before it sets, giving extra strength to the stucco. For stucco repair, this netting can be added to an old stucco or other wall, allowing installers to use 'stucco over stucco' and patch areas perfectly every time.

Stucco has been used as a building material since ancient times and throughout history the material has come in many different forms that were suited to their specific uses. An example of this is the Italian, or "Roman", stucco, which was heavily used from 17th century AD through the 19th century AD by Italian architects such as Andrea Palladio as it was known for its strength and water resistance. Another historical form of the material is lime stucco, which was used extensively in the early United States both as exterior cladding and for interior wall surfaces.

Stucco is made by mixing Portland cement, sand, hydrated lime and water together into a slurry. Lime stuccos are composed of just stucco cement and hydrated lime, which is added to give the stucco more workability. It also gives it slightly better water resistance, but this also makes it more difficult to apply. Stuccos have evolved tremendously over time to what they are today: sturdier yet flexible enough to accommodate different weather conditions.

Stuccoing has improved so much over time that the U.S. Department of Energy even recommends it as one of the best siding materials available.

Stucco use in residential projects

Stucco is applied to a wall in layers one after another, building up a thick overall surface that is strong and resistant. As each layer cures, it locks into the previous layers forming a solid formation that prevents seepage through walls.

Stucco can be applied over any surface including brick, concrete, wood and metal. On walls that are slightly curved, stucco may be applied directly, while on steeper surfaces stucco mesh may need to be used around angles or curves in order for the stucco to properly adhere. If an area of your home needs repair you can apply another layer of stucco to it by simply adding reinforcing fibers and then applying the stucco material over top. This ensures that any damaged sections are covered up by new stucco layers creating a sturdier surface that's better able to withstand the elements.

Brick siding

Stucco as an excellent siding material

When stucco installation is performed correctly it can add a great deal of value to any home. Not only does it provide increased protection from rain and wind, but it gives a home a little more character or "curb appeal." While painting or using some other type of siding may be an option for covering up walls, stucco offers homeowners a more unique look with its variety of colors and finishes while still maintaining its sturdiness and charm.

If you're interested in stucco installation, there are several things you need to keep in mind, including what material makes sense for your area, how long your project will take, and how stucco is applied. If you're considering stucco installation for your home, the specialists at Fort Pierce Stucco can help you determine if stucco is right for you and how the installation process works to ensure you get the best possible outcome.

Stucco installation helps protect our homes from rain and wind damage by offering a sturdy exterior that lasts. Stucco can be applied directly onto drywall or other surfaces creating a reliable shell that keeps drafts out in the winter months while still being able to handle snow, ice and other types of moisture in the summertime.

If you find yourself searching for "stucco companies near me", "stucco contractors near me", "stucco companies" or "stucco services", give us a shout! For a free estimate on your home or business stucco or siding project, contact Fort Pierce Stucco today at (772) 617-8890!​

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